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Review Article - Journal of Psychology and Cognition (2019) Volume 4, Issue 1

Patients and carers involvement: Methodologies and experiences in the forensic system

The involvement of the patients inside the forensic institutions can have an added value for enhancing the efficacy of the treatments, improving the Quality of Life for patients and make lesser their length avoiding the long stayer. The Cost Action IS1302 has developed a special goal for Patient Involvement and at the end of the 4 year Action it was held a Training School on this issue. The main techniques and methodology for patient Involvement (Rehabilitation, Advocacy, Recovery) are described and analyzed and collected the paper of the experiences in forensic Institution in Europe. The component of the Training School elaborated a paper with recommendations for achieving the target of Patient Involvement in Forensic treatment

Author(s): Franco Scarpa*, Valentina Campani, Luca Castelletti, Barbara Gualco

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