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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 24, Issue 4

Parenting Stress among Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a common and widely spreading chronic disease among children. Affected children’s parents are prone to psychological illness. Services of nurse are required to measure the stress level among parents of children having T1DM. The purpose of this study is to extract the parenting stress among parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). The study aims to find the factors creating stress among parents. The differential level of stress in between father and mother. A descriptive correlational design by recruiting 98 parents through network purposive sampling and they completed the Parenting Stress Index-Short Form questionnaire. The results revealed that parents reported significant level of stress, with a mean score of 111. Moreover, the results indicated that mothers stress level is significantly higher than fathers (t=2.6; P=0.01). Greater parental stress was associated with increasing age of parents (β = .56, P<.000). Nurses can play a vital role in sustainability and empowerment of parents from time of diagnosis till the cure. The nurses required special trainings to cater parents according to their needs and demands. Providing parents psychological support and educational awareness.

Author(s): Hala Mahmoud Obeidat1*, Ola Abed Hadi Ahmad Hassoneh2, Doa'a Abdullah Dwairej3, Mona Nsour and Adlah Hamlan4

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