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Research Article - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

PAR 2015 direct support professional wage study.

The purpose of this study was to collect information regarding compensation, turnover, and vacancies in direct support and first line supervisor positions in the Intellectual Disability industry. Sixty-five agencies that provide intellectual disability supports and services contributed information regarding salaries, benefits, turnover and vacancies. The survey yielded data regarding 17322 Direct Support Professionals, and 1985 First Line Supervisors. Mean hourly wage for Direct Support Professionals was $11.26/h. New applicant for the position would be offered $10.15/h. Mean annual salary for a First Line Supervisor was $34232.66. A new applicant for a First Line Supervisor position would typically be offered a starting salary of $30304/year. Wage findings were interpreted with reference to both inflation and the MIT Living Wage Calculator. Health Insurance was the most frequently offered benefit. Turnover was 25.22% for Direct Support Professionals and 15.65% for First Line Supervisors. The range of turnover values was large. Vacancy rate was calculated by dividing the number of vacancies by the number of filled positions plus the number of vacant positions. Direct Support Professional vacancies were determined were 10.63% and Supervisor vacancies were 5.1%.

Author(s): Scott Spreat*, Kathy Brown-McHale, Shirley Walker

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