Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Perspective - Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2022) Volume 4, Issue 6

Overview of immunology and immunopathology

Innate immunity and adaptive immunity are the immune system's two main lines of defence against infections in addition to structural and chemical barriers. The initial immune defence against an invasive infection is innate immunity. It is a quick immunological reaction with no immunologic memory that is started days or hours after aggressiveness. Contrarily, adaptive immunity is antigen-dependent and antigen-specific; it has the ability to form memories, allowing the host to generate a more effective immune response when exposed to the antigen again. The adaptive immune system and its innate counterpart work very closely together, and flaws in either system can lead to illness or disease such unwarranted inflammation, autoimmune illnesses, immunodeficiency disorders, and hypersensitivity reactions.

Author(s): Aadhya Marvin

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