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Research Paper - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 12

Overall adequacy of antenatal care: Primary analysis of localized reproductive health survey data, in Basrah 2015

Background: Antenatal care is care that is given to a pregnant woman in order to attain best possible health outcome for her and her baby antenatal health services help to detect and treat pregnancy related complications which if untreated result in maternal morbidity and mortality. Objectives: The general objective of the study was to establish factors that are associated to ANC attendance drop-out among pregnant women in Basrah district. Methods: An epidemiological study cross-sectional study, of the current situation of antenatal care in Basrah governorate in form of record-banded amid to explore the adequacy of Antenatal Care (ANC) utilization of ever-married women. Cluster sampling was often clustered by geography carried out; the surveyed women over the period extending for three weeks in January 2015 record the information according to inquiry form design by Expand Immunization Program (EPI) unit in public health department in Basrha governorate. Results: Over two-thirds of pregnant women (76%) have at least one ANC contact. Three-quarters of women in this survey made ANC visits in the 2nd trimester (746) of the surveyed women which represent about (49%), while (26%) in 1st and 3rd trimester. The study revealed that the causation in variation of drop-out, out of 205 registration form prepared with predicted reasons for drop-out of the surveyed women found that about (64) (31%) due to busy family, 31 far away from the health facilities, 21 over crowded ANC while 26 for other reasons. Conclusion: The goal of the ANC is to prepare for birth and parenthood as well as prevent, detect, alleviate, or manage the three types of health problems during pregnancy that affect mothers and babies preventing.

Author(s): Sura Abdul-Kadhum Hussains*, Huda Salih Abdullredha

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