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Review Article - Journal of Cell Science and Mutations (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Organochlorine Pesticide Residues and Assessment of other toxic substances in fresh and sun-dried Mystus bleekeri from the Northeastern Part of India

Fresh and sun-dried Mystus bleekeri is very popular among the people of Tripura, Northeastern part of India. But sometimes it was observed that fishes are contaminated with several harmful martial likes? salts, dust, organic toxic material including heavy metals, microbes and artificially several toxic chemicals likes pesticides and preservatives. So it is very much essential to determine the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and formalin in both fresh and sun-dried M. bleekeri. Analysis of Formaldehyde, Analysis of Pesticides and Estimation of heavy metals were performed for the analysis. In raw and cooked form of fresh M. bleekeri formaldehyde content was not detectable. But in case of sun-dried M. bleekeri formaldehyde content was below the tolerable levels for human. Zinc, copper and selenium content were found to be higher in the fish samples. On the other hand, Aldrin, Alachlore, o,p?-DDT+ p,p?-DDD were identified as the main organochlorine in the raw and cooked form of sun-dried M. bleekeri Author(s): Sanchari Goswami, Kuntal Manna*, Sukanta Banik

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