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Review Paper - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2019) Volume 3, Issue 4

Organic fertilizers for soil prosperity

Present day intensive agricultural practices depend largely on external inputs like fertilizer and pesticides. But the inputs do not come for free. They are priced high and therefore the rising production costs and negative impact on the soil environment are leading several farmers to consider alternate practices that are environmentally safe and sustain soil fertility. The need of the hour therefore is to form a conscious move towards sustainable practices that don't affect the environment and at an equivalent time help growers to get a good yield. The dung and urine from the milch animals which are normally wasted or utilized with none value addition is converted into valuable vermin compost which improves soil fertility commands a better price and finds ready local market. The bio beverages, bio pesticides and bio fertilizers originated from cattle have proved to yield wonderful results with none side effects. Even the Mission Kakatiya designed by the government of Telangana aims to improve soil fertility through the silting up of water bodies in rural areas to improve the water catchment area. This silt contains all the essential minerals that contribute to soil health in a natural way.

Author(s): Madhusudana Rao

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