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Commentary - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

Oral health and how it affects the overall health of the body.

Oral Health is keeping the mouth area clean to prevent any bacteria or infection by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Oral health is a way to keep the entire body healthy. The commentary article discusses how oral health is related to oral health and also how to stay away from certain diseases which are linked with the bacteria in the mouth. Oral Health is keeping the mouth clean and neat by brushing and flossing the teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The reason to maintain oral hygiene is to clean the bacteria and food after eating. Your mouth is full of bacteria which is harmless. But as it is the entry to the digestive tracts, there are chances of any infection or disease if hygiene is not properly maintained. If you brush and floss daily, it would be easy to maintain the oral health. If this is not the case, on not maintaining proper oral health it can lead to serious oral infection and gum disease.

Author(s): Mervin Lewis

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