Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning

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Opinion Article - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Opinion on assessing the effect of virtual transformation of fitness offerings.

Informed by means of a discourse evaluation, this newsletter examines the framing of equity in the uk's virtual fitness regulations among 2010 and 2017, focusing on England's development of NHS virtual and its situation inside the uk authorities's wider digital approach. evaluation of tremendous coverage documents exhibits 3 interrelated discourses that are engaged within England's digital fitness guidelines: equity as a neoliberal imaginary of digital performance and empowerment; digital health as a pathway towards democratising health care thru facts-sharing, co-creation and collaboration; and subsequently, virtual health as a direction towards extending citizen autonomy through their get entry to facts structures. It advances understanding of the relationship between virtual health coverage and health inequalities. Revealing that whilst inclusion stays concern vicinity for policymakers, equity is being constituted in approaches that mirror broader discourses of neoliberalism, empowerment and the flip to the marketplace for technological solutionism, which may also probably exacerbate fitness inequalities. Author(s): Atefeh Rahimi

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