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Awards 2020 - Journal of Cell Science and Mutations (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Oncology 2020 to be held in Osaka, Japan in the month of October 30 -31, 2020

Nursing Management is a medical specialty focusing on the structure, function and disorders of the Entire body system. The 3rd Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer is held in Tokyo, Japan in the month of May 06-07, 2019. The conference was marked with the attendance of Editorial Board Members of supported Conference series Journals, Scientists, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 15 countries, who made this conference fruitful and productive. The conference started at 9:00 starting with registration and ended with poster session at 6:00 pm. The Session ongoing with Keynote talks by the eminent speakers like Thomas W. Kozlowski Singapore, Dr. Kunal Sharma, India and Dr. Vinay Sharma, South Africa from the reputed organizations and oral talks followed by poster presentations from the best and top ranked physicians from varied departments who are interrelated to this field. Research scholars, students and exhibitions are the special attractions that made the event alive through their doubts and researches. Author(s): Joshua Ko

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