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- Biomedical Research (2010) Volume 21, Issue 2

Onchocerciasis among inhabitants of Ibarapa local government community of Oyo state, Nigeria

This descriptive study on onchocerciasis was conducted among 72 randomly selected inhabitants of a rural community, in Oyo State, Nigeria, during the planting season between the months of April and June. Demographic information, the length of time the subjects had lived in the study area and previous treatments received for the disease (if any), were obtained using a question-naire. The effect of ivermectin administration was investigated in the study area. The objectives of the study were to identify the age brackets and occupation of the inhabitants at high risk, and to determine the severity of infection in the study area. Four skin snips were obtained from both scapular regions and the two gluteal folds of each participant, and examined for microfilaria of Onchocerca volvulus .Data were analyzed using the SPSS version 12.0, involving descriptive statis-tics, frequencies, percentages and the student t-test to test for significance. Thirty-nine, (54%) of the subjects were infected with onchocerciasis. Microfilaria count in the skin was higher among males (30.5%) than in females (23.6%), although there was no significant difference. Subjects be-tween the ages of 21-30 years had higher positivity of 11.1%, while those between 11-20 years had 9.8%. The presence of “Leopard skin” and palpable onchocerca nodules were 20.8% and 6.9% respectively. The frequency of blindness was 2.7%, while there was an association between occupa-tion and severity of infection. There was an association between itching and the presence of microfilaria. The importance of onchocerciasis control programmes in the study area is high-lighted.

Author(s): Akinboye, D.O.; Okwong, E., Ajiteru N., Fawole O. Agbolade, O., M.; Ayinde,O.O., Amosu, A. M.; Atulomah, N.O.S.; Oduola, O.;Owodunni,B.M.; Rebecca,S.N., Falade, M.

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