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Mini Review - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2023) Volume 7, Issue 1

Nutritional metabolism and recent technology in human health.

Sustenance progress, which includes a switch from traditional weight-control methods to modern ones that emphasise high-energy density and low supplement variety, is associated with acquired metabolic disorders. The human diet consists of a variety of components, including both supplements and non-supplements that provide the raw materials needed to power different metabolic cycles in each cell of the body. Through a variety of processes, these components and their metabolites can also regulate the quality of articulation and cell function. While some of these components are useful, others have negative effects. Studies have shown that the constant disturbing effect of supplement digestion and energy homeostasis, caused by either a lack of or an abundance of supplements, causes cell stress, which causes metabolic dysregulation and tissue damage.

Author(s): Chrystal Sun*

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