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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2017) Volume 21, Issue 2

Nosocomial aural myiasis in a sixteen-hour old-Indonesian newborn

We reported a case of a two day old newborn who was referred to our hospital due to larvae findings on her left ear. This full-term baby was born to a multigravida mother by spontaneous delivery. She was born active with spontaneous crying. At her first 16h of life, a batch of larvae was found on her left ear. Ear irigation with normal saline resulted in the evacuation 15 larvae from the ear canal. The newborn was jaundiced without any clinical signs of sepsis. Another big larvae crawled out of the ear canal 6 h after being instilled by ear drop. The larvae was investigated in the parasitology laboratory and identified to be Sarcophaga species. Diagnosis of auricular myiasis was established. Routine aural toilet and topical antibiotic was given to the baby. Otoendoscopic examination revealed no other larvae left in the ear canal. The newborn was discharged after 48 h of hospitalization and her condition improved significantly. Neonatal myiasis was considered to be a rare case and usually happened in the environment with poor hygiene.

Author(s): Abed Ricky Hernando, Ekawaty L Haksari, Alifah Anggraini, Samad, Setya Wandita, Tunjung Wibowo, Tridjoko Hadianto, Siswanto Sastrowiyoto

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