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Abstract - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

New evidence to prove green jackfruit can reduce lifestyle diseases and demand for Diabetic Medication

 For 60 years since its founding, Kerala took pride as the number one state in the country on life expectancy, receiving praise from world renowned global health expert, professor Hans Rosling. Prof Rosling puts Kerala ahead of Washington DC on Human Health Index at a fraction of per capita income. However, lifestyle diseases like diabetes is now in the order of an epidemic in the state reducing the life expectancy of our adult population above the age group of 30. For the first time Kerala lost out its number one position on life expectancy to Jammu and Kashmir due to an alarming drop in life expectancy aft er the age of 30 compared to J&K as per 2010-14 census data. Root cause of our problem with diabetes and lifestyle diseases is the rapid increase of starch in our diet over the past 60 years through rice, wheat, and tubers like cassava. Th rough years of policy interventions we were able to make starch more affordable but the over correction is now hurting our health than helping it. In order for Kerala to get back and retain our number one position in life expectancy, we have to cut back our starch consumption from half a plate to a quarter and increase consumption of our grossly underutilized green jackfruits. 

Author(s): Mr. James Joseph

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