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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2017) Volume 7, Issue 1

New Classification of Ossicular Status and Study In Patients with Ossicular Erosion to be Used for Ossiculoplasty

To analyze the nature of ossicular erosion and classify the remnant ossicles to be used for ossiculoplasty. Patients between 12 and 60 years of age with a history of ear discharge with moderate conductive deafness (>40 dB HL) were included in the study. The patients were assessed of ossicular erosion by new classification of ossicular status which included remnant ossicles (M=Malleus, I=Incus, S=stapes, + =present, - =absent, p=partially eroded). Out of 42 cases studied, Incus is always eroded partially or completely in equal cases. Suprastructure of stapes is next common to be eroded in nearly 75% of cases. Malleus was undisturbed in 50% of cases. Malleus handle was the least part to get eroded. New classification of ossicular status is needed for in cases undergoing ossiculoplasty for documentation and better representation of disease process.

Author(s): Thamizh arasan

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