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Abstract - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2021) Volume 3, Issue 1

Neurophysiology gathering: Efficacy and safety of Buspirone in patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Introduction: Autism Spectrum Disorder is considered one of the most serious developmental disorders that affecting social interactions and communication. However, around 1 out of 160 children are diagnosed with Autism. Hypothesis suggest variety of genes play a role in the etiologic of this disorder. Previous trials tried to use Buspirone as a partial serotonin 5-HT(1A) receptors agonist and dopamine D2 auto receptors antagonist in management motor disorder that???s association with Autism. Our aim from this systematic review and meta-analysis is to assess the Safety and Efficacy of Buspirone compared to Risperidone or Placebo in management ASD. To systematically review and conduct a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials investigating the impact of Losartan as Angiotensin receptor blocker on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Methods: We searched on PubMed, MEDLINE in Process, Scopus and Web of Science (previously ISI) for relevant studies, published up to December 2017. 

Author(s): Sami Salahia

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