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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 26, Issue 8

Negotiating unsettling situations in pediatric clinical encounters: A focus group study on guiding trainee education.

The ways that one processes these tasks and subsequently cares for one-self can impact skills development and professional well-being. Conflict management and management of emotions in the setting of acute and critical illness is a daunting challenge for both novice and experienced health professionals. Conflict can arise between members of the medical team when handling complex clinical scenarios in which there may be multiple acceptable approaches to the plan of care. Conflict may also exist between the patient/family and healthcare professionals when a patient or family’s goals are not in alignment with those of the medical team or if the family perceives communication difficulties. Transforming these challenges into navigable terrain with specific skills and milestones is an essential component of postgraduate medical education.

Author(s): Khaliah Johnson*, Melissa Sacco, Tyler Crowe, Janet Serwint, Lewis Romer

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