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Mini Review - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Nanostructured lipid carriers with a minoxidil association.

In this study, minoxidil was used to make a lipid nanoparticles carrier (NLC) gel, which is a medicine that is commonly used to treat alopecia, or baldness. The melt dispersion ultrasonication process was used to create nine different Minoxidil-NLC formulations (NLC1–NLC9) employing liquid and solid lipids with Cholesterol and Soy protein lecithin in various quantities. The properties of NLC1–NLC9 were examined, including particle size and distribution, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), drug entrapment efficiency (EE), and drug release behaviour. The drug concentration, pH, spreadability, rheology, and in vitro release of the nanoparticulate dispersion were all measured and characterised. Primary skin irritation investigations were used to assess the NLC-based gel's safety. Imperfect crystallisation occurred in the inner core of the NLC particles, according to DSC measurements. The NLC's drug release pattern was biphasic, with burst release at first and then steady release. These findings suggest that the NLC3 is a good minoxidil carrier, with good drug loading capacity and regulated drug release. NLC gel generates gels with good consistency, homogeneity, spreadability, and rheological behaviour, according to research. The current study found that using an NLC-based gel containing minoxidil mixed in a mixture of solid and liquid lipids in nanoparticulate form helped us achieve our goal.

Author(s): Ashino Huq*

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