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Short Communication - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Nano 2020: Van der waals epitaxy of nitrides material and deep-UV light-emitting diodes - Zhiqiang Liu - Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Recently, the van der Waals growing (vdWE) growth of III-Ns films on graphene (or alternative two-dimensional materials) has been planned to scale back the twin impact, and additional alleviate the self-heating issue, or come through transferable optoelectronics and physics. However, the most challenge is that the dangling-bond-free feature of graphene suppresses the III-Ns nucleation, limiting the large-area single-crystalline growth. Here, we have a tendency to with success grow top quality AlN film on graphene and fabricate DUV-LEDs with an occasional stimulant voltage, high output power and responsibility. Graphene film is directly full-grown on sapphire substrate to avoid the tedious transfer method and treated in N2 plasma to extend nucleation sites for quick growth of AlN. With the presence of atomic skinny graphene film, the substrate still includes a fundamental interaction with the epilayers, insuring growth of enormous space single-crystalline film with low stress (0.11 GPa) and low dislocation density (1.96 ×108 cm- 2), and so the as-fabricated light-emitting diode devices show glorious performance. What’s a lot of, although nitrides are with success full-grown on Si (111) and according in several previous reports? Chemical compound materials full-grown on Si (100) area unit of a lot of vital interest to be employed in optoelectronic devices intergradation with Si circuits, that area unit typically invented on Si (100), not (111). During this contribution, we have a tendency to conjointly incontestible the expansion of AlGaN nanowires directly on SiO2/Si (100) substrate victimisation graphene as a buffer layer. This study brings revolutionary technologies for epitaxial growth of chemical compound film and paves a brand new pathway for ascendible applications of graphene.

Author(s): Zhiqiang Liu

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