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Mini Review - Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Multitherapy treating autism (autistic spectrum disorder) and down syndrome.

This study did not bother to detect causes, brain impairment or degree of autism or Down syndrome. Therefore, no tests or exams were applied. Nor have other recent studies have been compared because the intention was not to make comparisons but to seek a new form of treatment. The target children of this study were already diagnosed of their respective clinical appointments and were immediately started on treatment. The main objective was to achieve greater control of symptoms and seizures, using the Multi-Therapy Method. This method, despite using some existing techniques, is innovative and stands out for adapting to each patient and shaping a single treatment that can be extended to a group, provided that this group has identical characteristics. The purpose of this study was to prove efficient of Multitherapy in treatment of Autism and Down syndrome. All the results were practical, not measured by examinations or tests, but by results in real life. In two periods concluded, was attending 83 children, 60 with autism and 23 with Down syndrome. All children Down syndrome made good progress, especially in learning. Of the 60 children attended, 50 improved the communication with the external environment, being this the main objective of this treatment. The children developed interaction with the external environment and could be socialized, according to their personal characteristics. The other 10 children had severe autism and did not have as satisfactory results as the others, but they had a slight improvement, especially in the control of the collapses, in a situation of stress. Therefore, it is considered that, even in the most severe cases of autism, there has been an improvement. In percentage, 100% Down syndrome and 83% Autism made good progress.

Author(s): Anna Lou Olivier

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