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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 26, Issue 6

Multidisciplinary hospital management of child sexual abuse in a tertiary care hospital.

Introduction: The introduction of the POCSO act in India has provided clarity on the definitions of child sexual abuse. Studies on child abuse cases are sensitive and less in India. Hence, this study was conducted to determine the correlates of child sexual abuse cases presenting to the hospital and review the multidisciplinary approach present in the institution for the management of adolescent sexual abuse. Methods: A retrospective study conducted by the pediatric department in a tertiary hospital, Bangalore, where 70 adolescent case files of sexual abuse in adolescents over 2 years were analyzed. Study was approved by the institutional ethics committee. Assent and consent was obtained for all the cases. All cases were registered as medico legal and confidentiality was maintained. Results: 70 adolescent case files with sexual abuse were enrolled, of which 68 were females. 62%were aged between 13-15 years, 31% were 10-13 years. 88% were brought by the police, 20% by parents and 2% by relatives. The perpetrator was a member of the family in 48%, 2% by their father and 4% by their brothers. In 46%, the perpetrator was a stranger. 4% sustained genital injuries as bruises, vaginal tears and laceration on inner thigh and gluteal region. 2% received eye injuries. 65% were abused forcefully. Conclusion: Risk factors were urban, poor socioeconomic background, mid and late adolescence. 48% perpetrators were from family. 65% were abused forcefully. Our study highlights the fact that management by multi-disciplinary team (CCRU) is feasible and enables an organized approach by giving care in single step.

Author(s): Chandrika Rao*, Nimrat Sandhu, Gayatri Devi Sivasambu, Shailaja Avinash, Girishchandra YP, Aashika Maria Naidu

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