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Research Article - Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Morphometric differentiation of mixed coat coloured cattle in Obudu Grass Plateau, South-South Nigeria.

Obudu Grass Plateau for phenotypic traits measurement. The phenotypic traits measured were Body Weight (BW), Body Length (BL), Height Withers (HW), Head Length (HDL), Head Width (HDW), Ear Length (EL), Horn Length (HL), Tail Length (TL), Dewlap width (DW), Scrotal Circumference (SC), Udder Circumference (UC), Number of Teats (NOT), F Fore Length (FLG), Hind Length (HLG), Cannon Circumference (CCF), Horn circumference (HNC), Cannon Length (CL), Rump Width (RW), Rump Length (RL), Heart Girth (HG). The data were analysed using SPSS. The fixed effects of age and lots on phenotypic traits were tested using linear model. The result revealed age and lots have significant (P<0.05) effect on phenotypic traits of cattle in Obudu cattle ranch. The result of correlation among phenotypic traits showed body weight has positive correlation rp (+) with all the phenotypic traits, while cannon length had negative rp (-) correlation with all the phenotypic traits except scrotal circumference (SC), udder circumference (UC) and body weight (BW). The positive correlation among phenotypic traits could be used for improvement because improvement in one will lead to improvement in others. The study will be useful in planning for selection and breeding programmes of cattle.

Author(s): Anya MI, Dauda A, Ayuk AA, Okon BI, Okpako OP

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