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Research Paper - Research and Reports on Genetics (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Morphological indices and stepwise regression for assessment of function and type of Uda sheep.

A total of 250 sexually mature Uda sheep were used for morphological indices, assessing type and function and stepwise regression of Uda sheep. The morphometric traits measured were body length (BL), height-at-withers (HTW), chest circumference (CC), head length (HDL), head wide (HDW), ear length (EL), horn length (HNL), horn circumference (HNC), tail length (TL), rump wide (RW), rump length (RL), height-at-rump (HTR), foreleg (FLG), hind leg (HLG), height at rump (HTR) and neck length (NL). The morphological indices calculated were length index (LI), pelvic index (PI), body index (BI), proportionality (Ipr), thoracic development (TD), baron crevet (BC), compact index 1 (CI1), area index (AI) and relative cannon thickness index (RCTI). Pearson correlation and stepwise regression equation were computed. The analysis was performed with SPSS. The results showed morphological indices mean for LI, PI, BI, Ipr, TD, BC, CI1, AI and RCTI were 0.64, 85.71, 64.02, 159.48, 1.00, 2.00, 0.01, 1.59 and 99.81, respectively. The results of correlation among the indices showed both positive and negative correlation (rp). LI correlated positively with all the morphological indices except PI (rp=-0.02) and Ipr (-0.99) are negatively correlated. BI negatively correlated all the morphological indices. TD showed (1.00) with baron crevet, relative cannon thickness index. The stepwise regression R2 ranged from 77.1-95.7. This study could serve as a baseline for classification of Uda sheep into type and function.

Author(s): Dauda A

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