Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures

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Rapid Communication - Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Morbid obesity, esophageal and gastric malignancies after bariatric surgery and its impact on fertility and pregnancy

Bariatric medical procedure has been demonstrated to be the best weight reduction therapy for patients with sullen stoutness. Be that as it may, the modification in the life systems of the gastrointestinal construction, food abhorrence, and rebelliousness to suggested dietary exhortation after bariatric medical procedure might cause food prejudice, which might influence the nourishing status and wellbeing related personal satisfaction (HRQOL). Bariatric medical procedure can impact the show, finding, and the board of gastrointestinal diseases. Esophagogastric (EG) malignancies in patients who have had an earlier bariatric system have not been completely portrayed.

Author(s): Dowlati Anand*

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