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Review Article - Current Pediatric Research (2016) Volume 20, Issue 2

Misuse of Antibiotic: A Systemic Review of Saudi Published Studies.

Background: The misuse of Antibiotics has become a major public health issue all over the globe. In Saudi Arabia precisely, drug selling without a medical physician prescription and other factors may influence this practice of antibiotic misuse.

Objective: Our focal point is to review the published Saudi literatures on the antibiotic misuse in Saudi Arabia. To assess the factors contributing to this problem, its effects and the intervention strategies used in the reduction of this problem.

Methods: Saudi literatures in English language about antibiotic misuse from January 2002 to end of December 2015 were explored via a web-based medical database. Articles concerned with the prevalence of antibiotic misuse, factors contributing to this problem among Saudi population, its impacts, and intervention strategies used in reducing this problem were reviewed.

Results: The literature demonstrated a high prevalence of antibiotic misuse among Saudi population ranging from 41%-92%, especially among the children. The reasons of this high prevalence are complex, and several contributing factors including cultural factors, behavioral characteristics, socio-economic status, and level of education.

Conclusion: This review concentrates on the magnitude of this major health problems in Saudi health system. Which lead to more nosocomial infection, high cost and antibiotics resistance. Many intervention strategies need to apply in order to reduce this issue.

Author(s): Abdul Rahman Alnemri, Rana H Almaghrabi, Noufa Alonazi, Abdul Rahman Alfrayh

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