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Original Article - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 8

Meta-analysis on prevalence of pediatric community acquired pneumonia in India.

Introduction: A severe inflammation of the parenchymal tissue of the lungs is known as pneumonia. According to the location of acquisition, it can be categorized as community or hospital acquired; according to the etiological agents or mechanisms, it can be categorized as bacterial, viral, fungal, aspiration or ventilator associated; according to the involved lung anatomy, it can be categorized as lobar pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia or acute interstitial and according to the clinical severity, it can be categorized.

Aims and objective: To determine the pooled prevalence of Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) from the included studies.

Methods: The literature search was made by using MeSH keywords from Science Direct, Google Scholar, Cochrane library, PubMed and Scopus. PRISMA diagram has been represented to show the steps of inclusion of studies. The statistical analysis has been done by Meta XL for the effective determination of pooled prevalence.

Results: The meta-analysis showed the detailed statistical findings of the included studies and p=.000 implies that the pooled prevalence by fixed effect and random effects is significant in the population.

Conclusion: The meta-analysis has concluded that the prevalence of CAP among the pediatric population in India is significant and this finding would help clinicians to make an early diagnosis of CAP by effective tests for the suspected individuals.

Author(s): Vidhi Arora, Sangeeta Choudhary, Manita Bambha*

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