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Abstract - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2021) Volume 3, Issue 1

Mental Health 2019: Cultural-dialogic interdeterminist perspective for mental health and well-being

 Statement of the Problem: The static, fragmentary nature of the existing approaches to the mental health and wellbeing problems, which cannot grasp the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of changes in the external natural and social environment, is stated. Author’s attempt to extend the problem of this problem field vision horizons offers cultural-dialogic interdeterminist metatheory of psychological knowledge integration. Based on the determinist and indeterminist directions of scientific thought analysis is proved the epistemological heuristic potential of the cultural-dialogic interdeterminist approach. For this task solution was introduced epistemological construct “cultural-dialogic interdeterminism” allowed to analyze phenomenology in the context of quality, acquired by the whole and not reducible to the simple sum of its constituent parts. It articulated the necessity of mental health and wellbeing phenomenology multidimensional consideration in the spaces of heteroqualitative natures, psychic spheres and behavioral determinants in their cultural conditionality and qualitative specificity. This phenomenology is viewed from the heterogeneous dynamic systems approach standpoint. Theoretical and empirical explanations and evidence of culturaldialogical interdeterminist metatheoretical approach innovativeness for the analyzed phenomenology understanding deepening is presented.

Author(s): Vladimir A Yanchuk

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