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Research Article - International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2021) Volume 9, Issue 9


Cockroaches belong to the order of Blattaria. Approximately a total of 4500 cockroach species were identified. The occupied wide variety of breeding places. The main important cockroaches are: German Cockroach (Blattella germanica), American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana), Brown-Banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa), Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis), Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae), Smokybrown cockroach (Periplaneta fuliginosa). These species are living in human houses. Cockroaches have been found to carry agents that cause: tuberculosis, cholera, leprosy, dysentery, typhoid, salmonella, viruses and helminthes. The main important control measures are: sanitation, environmental managements, using sticky trap (glue boards), pheromone traps, using WHO recommended insecticides from different groups of insecticides, biological control using Ensign Wasp and Emerald cockroach wasp.

Author(s): Hassan Vatandoost

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