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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2017) Volume 21, Issue 1

Measurement of body composition by upper arm anthropometry

Background: Body composition is most commonly assessed by anthropometry like body Mass index, 60 % of human body weight is composed of water, rest 40% of body is composed of protein, fat and minerals and body composition between skinfold. Body weight is determined by leanness. Human body composition can be divided into the following major components: Fat mass (FM) and fat free mass (FFM). FM is the absolute amount of body fat, including all extractable lipids from adipose and other tissues. The FFM consists of all residual chemicals. Methods: The anthropometric measurements of height, weight, MUAC and TSF were recorded using standard procedures .Height is measured by anthropometer rod it is measured distance from floor to vertex. The participants were requested to remove their shoes prior to their measurement and wear minimum light clothing when they were on the weighing machine. The weighing machine was checked from time to time to set zero. The MUAC was taken at the point midway between the acromion and the radiale of the upperarm using a plastic coated non-stretchable measuring tape on the left side to the nearest 0.10 cm. Standing behind the subject the triceps skinfold was picked up with thumb and index figure. Approximately 1 cm proximal to marked level and jaws of caliper were applied to skinfold at previously marked level and measurement was taken. To analyse data spsss20 was used. Results: In present study mid upper arm circumference is increased by age which is shown in one way ANOVA. F=193.45 which shows significant relation in frequency of UMA, UFE, UME. It was also represented that age wise change in UMA, UME which represents that growth spurts in 10-18 years. Conclusion: Upper arm measurement, Upper arm fat area, MUAC are increases with age, this study is on adolescence girls, in every human life cycle adolescence is that when growth spurt occurs so result that study is also representing it. This study shows girls are malnourished, need nutritional supplement to improve their health.

Author(s): Kankana De

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