Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 0, Issue 0

Lifestyle and body mass index among students of a nursing college in Bihar

India is encountering double burden of under nutrition and over nutrition. Lifestyle habits of adolescents and young adults would translate into behaviour as an adult. The objective of this study was to assess the dietary habits, physical exercise and its relationship with BMI among nursing students. A cross sectional study was conducted on nursing students of Narayan Nursing College, Sasaram, Bihar. BMI was calculated. BMI was used to define underweight, Normal, overweight and obesity as per WHO. The overall prevalence of underweight, overweight and obesity in our study population was 32.6%, 9.4% and 2.1%. Among 233 students, 87 were males and 146 were females of which 11.5% of males and 8.2% females were overweight. Only 3.4% females were obese. 54.5% of the students used to skip breakfast. Among semi-urban students, 52.4% skipped breakfast which was marginally lower than rural students (55.6%). 91.8% students consumed junk food. Students participating in mild, moderate and strenuous exercise were 44.6%, 43.8% and 11.6% respectively. Nutritional status among young population is still not favourable. Students preferred snacks and skip meals frequently. Students avoid strenuous exercise and prefer sedentary lifestyle. Health awareness regarding lifestyle and dietary behaviour is necessary for students Parent’s involvement and social support is an important factor to increase physical activity among students.

Author(s): Ravi Shekhar, Ahmad Nadeem Aslami, Ravi Ranjan Jha, Nitesh Kumar

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