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Opinion Article - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Leadership in palliative care.

Text: In Romania, the specialists in palliative care who are trained at the academic level in leadership are those who have completed the courses of the European Academy of Palliative Care, based on a scholarship but who are in a limited number. The skills, knowledge, and personal development that the students of this academy acquire are a starting point for implementing projects that are pioneering / successful in palliative care. If this training makes the difference where palliation is a well-established and seniority field, for those who are at the beginning of their journey in palliative care and designing projects following leadership courses, they can say that their ideas materialized in projects can change the lives of patients who have need for palliative care. Objective: To develop a leadership curriculum in palliative care. Methods: The research methods used were qualitative and quantitative. I analyzed based on the existing models, the structure that the curriculum must have. A research study was conducted nationally in Romania and internationally to identify institutions that offer leadership courses in palliative care at the academic level. Result: Based on the data identified and the experience gained in the European Academy of Palliative Care, I have prepared the leadership curriculum in palliative care that contains the steps of drawing up a leadership project in palliative care, internal and external communication techniques, project risk assessment, personal development, advocacy and the importance of sharing experience. A section is dedicated to leadership in situations of economic crisis, epidemic and pandemic.

Author(s): Caruntu Adriana

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