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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Knowledge on Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (Ckd) Among Adult Patients Attending Hemodialysis at Muhimbili National Hospital

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major public health problem in the nation, the burden of chronic kidney disease is rising countrywide, as shown by increases in attributable deaths and prevalence of end-stage kidney disease for example on November 2018 the Patients on dialysis were 224, 242 on December and 251 on January 2019 at Muhimbili national hospital (Muhimbili national hospital medical report dialysis unit 2018/2019). Chronic kidney disease and its complications that which involve most organ systems can be prevented, but awareness and use of accurate methods are needed tenable timely diagnosis. The purpose of this study was tassess the knowledge of risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease. The study was conducted at Muhimbili National Hospital from October 2018 tMay 2019 in Tanzania from adult patients undergoing hemodialysis. Following consent, participants were studied in their clinics while doing dialysis. Random sampling on bed side was done tobtain patients and provide them with questionnaire. Total population included in the study was180 and those whwere critically ill were not included in the study.

The age group 45–70 years constituted almost 59.4% of the respondents. This implies that the prevalence of chronic kidney disease is higher in elderly people than in the general population. Our results alssuggest that men had a higher prevalence of CKD than women, in the study 124 were men (68.9%), 56 were female (31.1%). It was found that 130 of the respondents had never heard about chronic renal failure before being diagnosed (72.2%) and only 50 (27.8%) patients heard about the disease before suffering with CKD (27.8%). Eighty eight percent of the patients were not aware on the things that lead tchronic renal failure and thus only twelve percent knew some of the risk factors associated with the disease.

Therefore, the clinical based study for adult patients undergoing hemodialysis at Muhimbili national hospital has shown limited knowledge on the risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease. For that case there is need for government thave programs coupled with nurses tincrease awareness and understanding of chronic disease risk factors, the programs formulated should have alternative ways tsee how can reach all required age group all over the country in which the population can meet her healthcare needs, National health insurance fund should look another way timprove their services especially for the first users whare told twait until one year for the card tgrow then start functioning. Finally, then our assessment of local attitudes suggested that such public health efforts would be well received.

Chronic kidney disease alsknown as chronic kidney failure describes the progressive loss of function in the kidneys. Your kidneys remove waste from your blood and excess fluids, which are then excreted intyour urine. As chronic kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, hazardous fluid, electrolyte and waste levels can build up within your body.

You can get few signs or symptoms in the early stages of chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease cannot become evident until it seriously impairs the kidney function.

Author(s): Adam Malaika

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