Biomedical Research

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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 3

Knowledge and attitudes towards digital radiography and CBCT among orthodontists.

The aim of this study was to evaluate knowledge of and attitudes towards digital radiography and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) among orthodontists. A questionnaire with 24 questions was emailed to orthodontists practising in Turkey. The questionnaire comprised sections pertaining to demographic characteristics and clinical specialties, attitudes towards digital imaging, and knowledge of CBCT. Data from 366 questionnaires were analysed. The mean age of responders was 35 years (range: 24-68 years); 294 orthodontists (87.5%) preferred digital radiography for all procedures, with 49.4% reporting that they had learned about CBCT from seminars. A total of 206 respondents (56.3%) used CBCT during orthodontic diagnosis. The most frequently cited indication for CBCT was determination of impacted teeth and other oral abnormalities (80.9%), followed by cleft lip and palate (57.4%); 196 orthodontists (53.6%) believed that CBCT lectures should be included in the clinical phase of dental education, with 282 (77%) indicating a willingness to learn more about CBCT. Our data indicate that digital radiography is widely used by orthodontists; the preference for CBCT for evaluation of oral and craniofacial anomalies will likely increase commensurate with greater technical competence.

Author(s): Mine Gecgelen Cesur, Alev Yilmaz, Torun Ozer

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