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Short Communication - Journal of Translational Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Knee bone fractures in patients with neurological injuries and neuromuscular disorders.

Diseases known as neuromuscular disorders affect our capacity to regulate bodily movements. Neuromuscular disorders are frequently diagnosed using needle electromyography (nEMG), an electrophysiological test that uses an invasive needle to measure the electric signals produced by muscles. An electromyography analyses nEMG signal characteristics manually to determine the different types of neuromuscular disorders and this process is heavily reliant on the electromyography's subjective observations. Modern computer-aided methods classified nEMG signals, which are not well-suited for signal classification, using deep learning image classification models. Additionally, model explainability-which is essential in medical applications-was not taken into account. In order to classify nEMG neuromuscular disorders, this study aims to increase prediction accuracy, inference speed and model predictions explanation.

Author(s): Farlane M

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