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2019: Volume 3, Issue 3

Editorial P.1-1

Nitric oxide donor, S-nitrosoglutathione, to maintain intestinal barrier integrity: Potential therapeutic candidate for prevention of inflammation recurrences

Author(s): Romain Schmitt, Haiyan Yu, Pierre Leroy, Franck Hansmannel, Igor Clarot, Isabelle Lartaud and Anne Sapin-minet

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2019: Volume 3, Issue 2

Editorial P.1-1

Mitral valve repair in denegerative disease: Towards excellence, 100% of effectiveness

Author(s): Ovidio Alberto Garcia Villarreal

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Editorial P.1-1

The use of VA-ECMO in the cathlab STEMI and high risk percutaneous coronary interventions

Author(s): F S van den Brink

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2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract P.1-1

Urine Leak Following Kidney Transplantation: An Evidence-based Management Plan

Author(s): Ahmed Halawa

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Letter to Editor P.1-1

MELAS requires comprehensive work-up of index cases and his family.

Author(s): Finsterer J, Scorza FA, Scorza CA

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Research Article P.2-7

Improvement of cancer stem cell expansion with kinetic and static alternating culture system.

Author(s): Zhang Y, Wang Y, Wang Z, Farhangfar F, Zimmerman M

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Mini Review P.8-10

VXc-486 potent drug: A new drug approach in tuberculosis treatment.

Author(s): Sharma AK, Sharma V, Rathor R, Khandelwal M, Sharma M

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Review Article P.11-15

Introduction and reconciliation of the ROS and aging paradoxes.

Author(s): Yaguang Ren, Chao Zhang

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Short Communication P.16-18

Precision medicine and tuberculosis.

Author(s): Somchai Bovornkitti

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