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Research Article - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Investigation on Critical Care Nurses Emergency Competency of Public Health Emergencies during the COVID-19

 Objective: To understand the current situation of emergency response of public health emergency during the COVID-19, and to provide a theoretical basis for improving the emergency capabilities of critical care nurses in public health emergencies. Methods: 171 critical care nurses on the front lines in Hubei were surveyed in terms of their public health emergency competency. Results: Critical care nurses have a good knowledge of the standard prevention and have a strong ability to adapt to new environment. They have various physiological and psychological changes in the rescue and are most worried about their own infections. The practical skills of most critical care nurses are improved to varying degrees after rescue. Conclusion: The emergency response ability of critical care nurses to public health emergencies needs to be further improved. Targeted and different forms of emergency training should be strengthened. Public health emergencies monitoring and early warning need to be trained and enhanced. When responding to this type of incidents, the way of taking over the whole system is more respected. At the same time, mental health education and stress coping should be emphasized, so as to improve their ability to deal with public health emergencies

Author(s): Debin Huang, Jingwen Zhu, LiYang, XuehuaWu

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