Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology

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Abstract - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Investigation of therapeutic potential of cytokine IL-33 in hepatitis

A new member cytokine IL-33 has recently joined the family of IL-1 because of its 11th number in the family it is also nominated as IL-1F11. In human and mice, main source of IL-33 is liver fibrotic cells and Hepatic stellate cells (HSC) when are in their activated form. To explore the functional role of IL-33 in viral related liver pathology, murine model of hepatitis was developed by injecting Poly I:C and hepatoprotective function of IL-33 was measured by administration of pre-treatment of mice with recombinant IL-33 (rIL-33).

Author(s): Tariq Munir

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