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Short Communication - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Investigation of Iron Levels in Locally Prepared Livestock Feeds in Uganda


Due to lack of regulations and certifications in Uganda for iron levels in animal feeds, there is great variability in iron levels in feeds from different suppliers. This may lead to under or over dosages of iron in animal feeds which may result in reduced farm productivity. In this study, locally produced animal feeds namely broiler starter, dairy meal and sow and weaner from six different suppliers namely Biyinzika, Mutima, Impala, Kuku, Nuvita, and Ugachic were investigated for their iron levels. The iron levels were determined using the European Commission method for Iron and atomic absorption spectroscopy. Results indicate a substantial variation in iron levels recorded for the different suppliers ranging from 70 to 630 mg/kg. This was linked to insufficient knowledge and expertise in feed formulations and the lack of local regulatory standards for iron in animal feeds in Uganda. However, the results obtained in this study are within the limits set by international standards agencies and comparable to other studies.


Author(s): Nyombi Antony and Ssebulime Stephen

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