Journal of Cholesterol and Heart Disease

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Perspective - Journal of Cholesterol and Heart Disease (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Intraplaque Hemorrhage and Coronary Atheroma Development.

The study received approval from an institutional review board. As previously mentioned, the hearts of patients who had passed away suddenly from cardiac reasons were taken. 8 Out of 270 of these patients, 100 were chosen at random for further research to find out the frequency of haemorrhage in non-culprit plaques with luminal constriction of greater than 50%. In patients with coronary thrombosis brought on by acute plaque rupture, the average number of Intraplaque haemorrhages per heart was 5.00.4, compared to 0.60.3 in patients with thrombosis brought on by plaque erosion and 2.80.8 in patients with stenosis of at least 75% of the lesion in the absence of acute thrombi. In this study, erythrocyte membranes were found inside the necrotic cores of human atherosclerotic plaques, even those without recent haemorrhages and their relationship to the development and instability of the lesions was examined. In order to create a model of the course of lesions caused by haemorrhage, we also looked at what happened to the erythrocytes in existing plaques in atherosclerotic rabbits. Another potential mechanism of plaque progression and vulnerability would be provided by the identification of a relationship between Intraplaque haemorrhage and the growth of the lesions.

Author(s): Allen David

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