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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2017) Volume 21, Issue 4

Intestinal basidiobolomycosis "to operate or NOT to operate"

Gastrointestinal Basidiobolomycosis (GIB) is a rare fungal infection, with significant diagnostic and therapeutic ambiguity. In this report we describe two cases, both of them presented with right iliac fossa mass, weight loss and eosinophilia. Diagnosed as GIB depending on colonoscopy and percutaneous true-cut biopsies. Both patients were treated with antifungal medication without surgical resection. We report these cases to highlight the concept of treating such infection merely with antifungal therapy.

Author(s): Gamal Abbas, Abdullah AL-wabari, Mansour Tawfeeq, Omer alhori, Hadi Alqahtani

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