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Commentary - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Intergral state indicators- facial temperature and pupil size in primates.

Autonomic reactions, according to human studies, provide objective and biologically relevant information about cognitive and affective states. Nonhuman primates, which are neuroanatomically and physically similar to humans, can also be studied using autonomic response measures. In physiological research, remotely recorded facial temperature and pupil size in monkeys, ideally in a head-fixed position, can be used. However, no specific guidelines exist for using these measurements in nonhuman primates. The modulation of these measures across time scales reflects sympathetic responses to cognitive and affective processes such as alertness, attention, and mental exertion. In primates, integrated assessments of autonomic, behavioural, and neurophysiological data have the potential to shed light on the mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric illnesses and vulnerabilities defined by cognitive and affective abnormalities.

Author(s): Alan Laties*

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