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Mini Review - Research and Reports on Genetics (2022) Volume 4, Issue 1

Inherited skin diseases in dogs and their genetics.

Canine genodermatoses encompass a wide range of illnesses with various manifestations. Modern genetic technology, such as whole genome sequencing, has considerably aided in the discovery of novel genes and the establishing of genetic diagnoses in such diverse illnesses. A precise genetic diagnosis of a heritable skin disorder is required for proper owner counselling on the disease's progression, prognosis, and breeding consequences. To design specific, targeted, or personalised therapy approaches, it is necessary to first understand the underlying pathophysiology. This review seeks to provide a detailed overview of canine genodermatoses and their genetic aetiologies that have been identified thus far. It is critical to raise awareness of genodermatoses in dogs, and this study may assist physicians in applying contemporary genetics in daily clinical practise to obtain exact diagnosis in suspected genodermatoses.

Author(s): Greenberg Harry

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