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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Influence of argon laser polymerization on shear resistance of ceramic brackets

The aim of this study was to evaluate the shear strength of ceramic brackets, according to three variables: adhesive systems (TransbondTM XT kit; TransbondTMPlus Self Etching Primer / 3M Unitek® and ClearfilMT SE Bond / Kuraray® bases of brackets (Mystique®; Resolve® / GAC®) and light sources (LED / Laser and Argon). To this, 84 premolars were divided into three groups (n = 28), according to the adhesive system used; and subdivided into two subgroups (n = 14), (n = 7), respectively, according to the type of bracket and the light source. The teeth were embedded in PVC pipes of ¾ inch, with special gypsum stone, perpendicular to the ground and pipes. The brackets were fixed on the exposed crowns. The teeth were stored at 37° C for 24 hours and then subjected to 1,000 thermal cycles with 30 seconds in each bath (5°C and 55°C). The shear test was performed on Shimadzu testing machine at a speed of 0.5mm/min. The enamel surfaces were qualified through the ARI (adhesive remnant index). Data were subjected to statistical analysis ANOVA, Tukey and Kruskal-Wallis (p <0.05). The results showed that: For the adhesion force: the conventional TransbondTM XT kit was superior to self-etching at the Mystique® base; The Resolve® base obtained a performance statistically superior to Mystique®; LED was statistically superior to laser when in the Resolve® base and adhesive TransbondTM Plus Self Etching Primer. For the IRA: the only significant association occurred in LED, for TransbondTMPlus Self Etching Primer sticker and score 0, in which Resolve®base was superior to Mystique®. It was concluded that the argon laser did not influence the shear strength, nor in the ARI scores.

Author(s): Tessia Richelly Nobrega Borja de Melo

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