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Rapid Communication - Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Infection of atypical mycobacteria in children.

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria Environmental mycobacteria found in soil, dust, water, food and other animals around the world. Although they are simply defined in contrast to the mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy, a few species are recognized as human pathogens by themselves and the incidence of human infections has increased in recent decades. I am. Nontuberculous antioxidants are characterized by relative resistance to many classes of antibiotics, including antibiotics used to treat tuberculosis, lymphadenitis, skin and soft tissue infections, respiratory infections; It can cause a variety of illnesses in children, including disseminated infections. Diagnosis is based on suspicious clinical indicators, the collection of specimens suitable for culture in specialized media, and is complemented by currently evolving molecular technologies. Treatments often include surgical debridements and complex multidrug regimens that are performed over months, especially in children underlying respiratory or immune disorders. Controlled clinical trials to identify the optimal combination of mycobacterial drugs used by such patients are urgently needed to treat these emerging infectious diseases

Author(s): William Sophia

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