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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2016) Volume 6, Issue 1

Incidental Finding Of Radiolucent Foreign Body in the Nasophar-Ynx of Children Undergoing Adenotonsilectomy in Nigeria: Case Series

Foreign body (FB) in the nose and naso-pharynx of children are frequently encoun-tered among children and mentally chal-lenged adults. In most cases when they are symptomatic there is associated foul smelling nasal discharge. However, a few may remain unnoticed for years. The aspiration of foreign body into the naso-pharynx sometimes pre-sents as an emergency to healthcare provid-ers and its migration into the larynx consti-tutes an important cause of morbidity and mortality in our environment. We present three cases of similar foreign bodies incidentally found in the naso-pharynx of children undergoing adenotonsilectomy in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. To the best of our knowledge no case series of similar foreign bodies have been reported in our environ-ment. We shall also highlight their peculiarities and the dangers posed by these types of foreign bodies.

Author(s): Lucky Obukowho Onotai, Victor Ikenga

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