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Research Article - Journal of Translational Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Improvement of cancer stem cell expansion with kinetic and static alternating culture system.

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are rare cell populations in cancers but play an important role in cancer development and could be associated to all malignant processes of cancer. Effective in vitro expansion of CSCs would greatly help the studies on CSCs by providing greater numbers of these cells and a defined native-like niche where their interactions with other cells and molecules can be examined. We have previously shown that kinetic and static alternating cell culture systems (KSACCS) can effectively improve the growth of multiple cell types. In the current study, we demonstrate that KSACCS with the proper program can significantly increase the expansion efficiency of lung cancer stem cells in comparison with static culture and absolute kinetic culture. The KSACCS expanded CSCs maintained the ability to form tumors in immune deficient mice and to gain some features of the corresponding lung cancer cells in immunology and anti-cancer drug sensitivity

Author(s): Zhang Y, Wang Y, Wang Z, Farhangfar F, Zimmerman M

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