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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Impacts on fish consumption on cardiovascular risk profiles.

The influence of fish consumption on cardiovascular risk profiles was studied extensively in different community. The dietary omega-3PUFAs of fish exert beneficial effects by reducing platelet aggregation and improving blood lipoprotein profiles and have been consistently associated with triglyceride-lowering effects. A interventional study was carried out by feeding fish curry prepared by Asian style and fried fish in coconut oil in randomly selected healthy individual. The experiment, due to feeding of omega-3 PUFA content fish, noticeable differences were observed on concentration of lipid cholesterol fractions and lipid indices among the subjects. Concentration of TC, TG, VLDL-C, Non-HDL and LDL-C showed an increase among fish curry eaters than fried fish eaters whereas HDL-C and lipid indices such TC/HDL, LDL/HDL, AC and API were higher in fried fish eaters than fish curry eaters. However, the significant differences were observed in TG, VLDL-C and non-HDL-C in fish curry eaters. Significantly higher TG, VLDL-C and hs-CRP in male than female was observed in this study where males ate fish curry. Both types of fish consumption influenced cardiovascular risk profiles in different ways. Overall, non-HDL showed increase due to feeding of both type of fish consumption. Although, fish flesh consists of high amount of essential fatty acids, these roles on cardiovascular profiles was prevented due to the style of consumption of fish. Author(s): Chandravathany Devadason

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