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Short Communication - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Impact of climate change on historical photographs damage.


Abstract: One of the most intractable problems facing those responsible for world heritage is that of climate change. Climate change implies that the environmental conditions will be different in the future, and thus shift the external factors important to cultural heritage.


Cultural resources are our record of the human experience. Collectively, archeological sites, cultural landscapes, ethnographic resources, museum collections, and historic buildings and structures connect one generation to the next.

In particular, the main aim of this study is Preserve Historical photographs from impact of climate changes to protect it for future generations.

For many people, collecting antique and historical photographs is a hobby but historians examine these kind of photos regularly. They examine them to see what life was like in the period they were shot So historical photographs are super important. They are one of the ways we remember what

happened in the past.

climate changes has a serious impact on Photographs damage (Atmospheric moisture change - Temperature change - Sea level rises – Wind - Desertification - Climate and pollution acting together - Climate and biological effects ) .

Therefore, preserving and Conservation photographs is imperative to achieve sustainability.


Biography: EMIL HENIN, Head of Coptic painting conservation Department Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities , Egypt, E-mail : whats up : +201064782553


·           (May 2019 till Now) : Currently, I'm PhD Student at the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayuom University, Thesis title "Study the Chromatic Change of Inorganic Pigments in Icons from the 18th and 19th Centuries ".

·         (March 2017) : Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Conservation of Antique Photographs and Paper Heritage : Thesis title: "Chromatic Changes in Hand-coloured Photographic Prints: An Experimental Study on a Selected Collection " , Helwan University- Cairo and Catania University– Italy.

·         ( May 2003) : Bachelor of Archaeology science : Restoration and

Conservation department , Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Fayuom branch


Author(s): Dr. Emil Henin

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