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Commentary - Journal of Advanced Surgical Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Immunotherapy: Ovarian cancer

Immunotherapy has emerged as one of the most promising methods for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The Tumor Microenvironment (TME) is an important element to consider when generating antitumor responses since it is mostly composed of tumor-promoting immunosuppressive cell types that inhibit antitumor immunity. As we get a better knowledge of the factors that influence TME composition, we recognize the need of addressing both inter-and intra-tumor heterogeneity, mutation/ neoantigen load, immunological landscape, and stromal cell contributions. The well-characterized mouse ID8 ovarian carcinoma model has been used in the bulk of immunotherapy research in ovarian cancer. There are several different animal models of ovarian cancer that have been neglected due to their limited initial characterizations in this context. We report animal models that, because of their similar genetic changes and histology with human ovarian cancer, may be untapped resources for immunotherapy research. We also discussed the models' strengths and limitations, as well as the knowledge gaps that must be filled in order to increase the value of preclinical models for assessing new immunotherapeutic approaches.

Author(s): Vidhi Tyagi

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