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Mini Review - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Identifying the effects of Pharmaceutical development and manufacture on the environment and human health.

In order to produce highly tailored therapeutic products, the entire pharmaceutical industry urgently needs both cutting-edge technology solutions and fundamental scientific research. It is difficult to manufacture complicated Drug Delivery Systems (DDSs) at commercial scale with the current technologies. The Design of Experiments (DoE) methods and risk management strategies are the first significant aspects of manufacturing sciences that are covered in this review. Computational methods should, if possible, supplement experimental methodologies. Modern methods for modelling mechanistic processes are presented in detail in this regard. Future DDSs can be processed using molecules thanks to the use of materials science technologies. It gives a brief overview of some of the current tools. Furthermore, generic engineering principles are covered, including solutions for process measurement and process control. The review's final section discusses potential manufacturing methods, focusing on continuous processing, in particular hot-melt processing and printing-based technologies

Author(s): Zhihong Yuan

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